Updated on April 3rd, 2012 to add back evidence that Mecha got taken down around the web. I’m writing this blog post to serve as a summary of the story that’s happened between me and this guy during the past two months. Despite me having done everything that he had asked at the beginning, giving him two “chances” after he had dug himself deep into a hole, even after I made an apology that went much further than it should have been given the consequences… he still refused to let this blow over. I’d like to repeat it for yet another time: I don’t condone harassment or attacks. I only want our story to be out there — what me and Rebb had to go through — you can draw your own conclusions from it. But let it be known: I’m not a doormat, and I have no intentions to be one. Actions have consequences. Here’s a quick summary of the whole story. On January 16th 2012, Rebbacus and I got fed up of how Jonas “Mecha the Slag” Kaerlev, the owner of SLAG Gaming, was treating us in regards to our input to his network. Among many things, I think what took the cake was his complete lack of concern for his players getting what they bought by donating. So we decided to leave, and we also asked for our content to be pulled off his servers. Mecha the Slag promised that he would do it, if that’s “what we wanted”. That promise would then be repeated another two times. To this day, it still hasn’t been honored. But then, he said it would be after I explained my actions in a public statement on his forums, and Facepunch. Keep that in mind, now — Mecha the Slag is the one who made this go public. *HE* started this by not removing *OUR* content when we simply asked for it. I first posted my public statement on his forums. The thing is… nearly everyone was in support of me and Rebbacus. Posts were deleted, then the thread was closed and trashed, and my account banned (and eventually permabanned). So I posted it on… and well, it went pretty much the same way. But it got pretty funny, because Mecha wasn’t a moderator there. Read the thread yourselves if you want a laugh. After Mecha the Slag pretended he didn’t know who Rebbacus was (despite him selling a donation-only skin that she had made on his server store!), tried to get an inflammatory reaction by putting a video (which used my face) he knew I wasn’t comfortable with back up, and many other things you can see in the Facepunch thread… until he “went to sleep”… Eventually, I got IP-banned from his forums. Previously, only my account was banned, which means I could log out to still look at posts. By using a proxy, I spotted this thread, in which Mecha said that he would look into an idea that would… well… involve re-using our content. Which he had just promised, for a third time, that he would wipe off his network. Right after IP-banning me. I’m sure you can agree that this is pretty shady. I knew he was never going to do it, so I sent a DMCA takedown request. The DMCA is a law that makes stuff like this much more manageable. However, Mecha the Slag lied under the law, under the penalty of perjury, to claim intellectual property / copyright over my work and the work of Rebbacus. You can read more about it here, or in the 22mn long YouTube video further down this post. This is why the Parkour Fortress content we made still isn’t off his servers — but at this point, we don’t care about that point anymore. Fast forward to February 3rd. I receive about ten DMCA e-mails from… like this one: So Mecha the Slag is claiming that I’m violating his copyright with Tumblr posts… like this one, or that one. This is just text. This is a support message from someone. Yet Jonas “Mecha the Slag” Kaerlev claims that it violates his copyright. Another low-blow… not surprising. Quite interestingly, the day before, Mecha the Slag got a part about blackmailing removed from his user article over at Mario Fan Games Galaxy. Blackmailing, yes. Best part: he admitted to it. Following this, I made a 22mn long exposé on his actions and the whole story up to February 6th. Mecha the Slag filed a privacy complaint on YouTube to get it, like my other videos, taken down (which is very hypocritical, as you’ll see in a few seconds). It’s outdated on several points, so there isn’t really any interest in keeping it up any longer anyway. He then responded to it. His video was however deleted by YouTube for violation of their terms of service. It’s not like anything valuable was lost; one argument that had been proven wrong already, the rest being personal attacks which went as far as saying my parents were “going through a divorce”, and that it “explained my anger problems”. He later re-uploaded this video on Metacafe, which took the video down for the same reasons as YouTube. That’s Jonas’s style: no arguments? Attack the other person’s family. Classy. I replied to it in this video. Now, here’s where the fun begins, and the summary of the situation ends. On February 17th, I received a Google Alert for a new result on my name. Kind of creepy. An empty page titled “Maxime Lebled portfolio”, with my address, my phone numbers… the WHOIS registrant information was sadly protected, and contacting the host (SiteGround) yielded no replies. The domain was bought on February 7th… the day Mecha the Slag uploaded his video reply. Despite this, I didn’t think he was behind the website at first. After all, he had his back against the wall, an absolutely enormous, to say the least, history of low-blows and debunked lies… So yeah. At first, I thought “404”, the owner of two TF2 servers named “UNF Gaming”, had done it. Why? One, because the domain name company was in the same country as him, Canada, and he had, the day before, posted this announcement. 404 had a grudge against me and Rebbacus, ever since we refused to collaborate with him after he got himself instantly permabanned from Facepunch in a single post. The day after, turned into a full-fledged page with photoshopped screenshots and forum posts as evidence that I’m a crazy person or something along those lines. Here’s the video on this exact subject, and a MP4 download of it. The following text explains things a little bit better, so it’s what I would recommend looking at :)

Evidence #1: EXIF metadata

EXIF metadata is information stored in pictures. Stuff like exposure value, camera model, etc. but some software can leave other footprints, like e-mail address, GPS data… In this case, here’s the thing that tipped me off in the first place, and incited me to look further. Let’s look at the YouTube screenshot of me “going mental in YouTube”: 1) the metadata says this image was saved at 10.44 p.m. 2) the gmail notification shows this comment was made at 10.13 p.m. 3) the timestamp on the screenshot itself says 25 minutes ago. that leaves us with 10.38 p.m., add a few minutes for photoshopping a few sentences out. Therefore, it is someone in the same timezone as me. And here’s the juicy bits. In all of the JPG images at, there is a string, a footprint. A reference to some deskjet printer. Not all EXIF metadata viewers will display the string, I used this Firefox addon. You can go check by yourself; the footprint isn’t going away unless all images on both websites are cleaned of their metadata, and re-uploaded. If you don’t feel like checking yourself, visual proof of this footprint existing is available in the video at the very top of this post, around the 8mn30 mark. %20Deskjet%201000%20J110%20series8BIM%04%3B%01%B2%10%01%12p All the JPG images at and have this footprint. (furthermore, they’re also all saved using 80% quality, using Photoshop CS5 on Windows) This is an undeniable link, especially considering how scrambled the footprint is. Even in the worst of cases — assuming Mecha the Slag isn’t the author — it would still mean he has made all the images hosted on there, and that he knows the author… unlike what he says here.

Evidence #2: video encoding settings

There are two video files, one on, and the other only on The first is Mecha’s reply to my 22mn long exposé, since it got taken down by YouTube and Metacafe, and the second is an excerpt of a video by 69starmix96 about me. • [MEDIAINFO] • [MEDIAINFO] Both files were encoded using the same settings. 59.94 fps, Main 3.2 profile, 1600kbps VBR video, 128kbps audio… things that are too similar — maybe a coincidence, but if it’s just one, it’s starting to be a lot of them.

Evidence #3: whereabouts of Mecha’s IP

Mecha the Slag’s IP address accessed a Tumblr post that was screenshotted and uploaded onto, only four minutes before it was saved.

Where did I get the IPs from?

1)’s logs, thanks to Garry and another moderator, Daimao. 2) The SLAG Gaming forums! I linked to this screenshot further above — this was when I still had access to the Snowman event account, since it had admin rights. 3) And finally, Tumblr. Not directly Tumblr, however, but logs from the servers on which files embedded on my Tumblr are hosted. In this case, and Here are the two entries: - - [01/Mar/2012:17:57:56 -0600] "GET /jukebox/xspf/xspf_player.swf?playlist_url= &txt_color=424242&blend=1&album=off&bottom_controls=off&autoload=1 &autoplay=0&shuffle=1&start_track=1 HTTP/1.1" 304 - "" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/535.11 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/17.0.963.56 Safari/535.11" - - [01/Mar/2012:17:57:57 -0600] "GET /website/homeportal_background_wildlife_white.jpg HTTP/1.1" 304 - "" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/535.11 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/17.0.963.56 Safari/535.11" Keep in mind that my server is in the US. 17:57:57 (5:58 p.m) shifted to my timezone, gives 58 minutes past midnight. That’s only 3mn31 before the screenshot of my Tumblr was saved… and, despite being dynamic IPs… … both match to an ISP upnode that is only 8 kilometers away from where Mecha the Slag lives. Note that, while was registered in a city that is at the extreme west of Denmark, Esbjerg (the Facepunch registration IP matchesto there!), he does indeed live as a student in Aalborg nowadays. (and before you say I’m violating his privacy by revealing those two cities, keep in mind that 1) they’re pretty big, 2) I’m not posting his street address, and 3) they’re here to support the fact of dynamic IPs matching)


So there you go. Solid links that prove, at the very leasteven if you were to be giving him the benefit of the doubt — a connection with whoever made But when you take into account Mecha the Slag’s past of low-blows and lying… Yeah, this is childish at best. But not completely unexpected from you, Mecha. Every time you replied to any of my points, you’d construct a straw man out of one or two of my sentences, then destroy it with a fallacy. You can’t confront the evidence head on (I still haven’t seen you justify the Tumblr DMCAs), because you know you’re in the wrong. And what was your reply to this? Bringing the video down, saying that the EXIF metadata is based off “magical printer moondust that connects everything together”, and that I “didn’t give the source of the IPs”. That’s pathetic. I am, however, very flattered that you would spend money on a domain name and WHOIS privacy just in an attempt to spite me. Anyone with half a brain cell wouldn’t take your website seriously anyway — especially with a counter that claims that I visited over 25k times. I do also hope that you realize none of this would have happened if you had kept your promise to remove our content in the first place; a promise that you made not only once, not only twice, but three times. You’ve been digging your own hole ever since, and while the metaphors on the subject are not in short supply, there’s one in particular I find most appropriate: on January 16th, you were doing it with a shovel, and today, it’s with an industrial-grade grill. You know, I haven’t had the chance to actually attack you, the person behind this, yet — after all, all I’ve done until this very sentence was merely exposing facts — so I’ll make up for that now. You present all the symptoms of anti-social personality disorder. “A pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others occurring since age 15”, “callous unconcern for the feelings of others”, “lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to or rationalizing having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another”, and last but not least, “deception, as indicated by repeatedly lying, use of aliases, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure”. (That’s spot-on, don’t you think? Thanks, Wikipedia!) Please get a grip on the real world, and realize that your actions have consequences. Sincerely, ~ that dude you made a slanderous website on

P.S.: another one for the road?

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